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333 HALFWAY TO HELL is a story about a middle-aged Australian man trying to go 333 kilometers per hour on a bicycle. It’s a film that honors those macro ideas—no matter how insane—that dads come up with, and at what cost are they worth achieving?


Ben Thomson is a 44-year-old bike mechanic, husband, father to three kids under the age of 10 and a proudly professed 'bogan'. Ben is bored, weighed down by domesticity and sobriety and seeking the thrill that defined his past life of drugs, clubbing and racing bikes. 


After tumbling down a YouTube hole, Ben made it his mission to break the bicycle land speed record set by teams of engineers, Olympic athletes and lots of money. Employing the help of his blue-collar buddies, they design and build a bicycle capable of reaching 333 kilometers per hour. Will this backyard project go halfway to hell?

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